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Butch Cassidy Barn (oil on canvas, 20x24")

A favourite cabin in the Yukon woods, a hiding place when I need peace and quiet


 (not into reading all of this email head to the bottom for the awesome invite)

Usually at this time of year I'm either planning a show, or just finished staging one and packing my belongings to chase the sun to Argentina. My new hang-out there is Necochea, a sweet spot with a sandy beach. But this year I decided to mix things up.
So while I have been busy painting and have lots of new work it's "No Show" this year. In fact it will likely be "No Sun" either. 
For something different I was going back to my younger days, the guy who came to the Yukon some 30 years ago and lived off the land. My plan, head into the bush, to my trap line and take my new bride. In case you hadn't heard I married my gal, (we'd been together a couple of years) so I thought it best we make it official. Whitney Hartigan and I tied the knot this past August and I'm a better man for it!


But...back to my "No Show". As you read this my well laid plan would have seen me already in the bush and settled in for winter. But, me a man of some years (ain't sayin' how many), did something stupid. I still think I'm 25 and can do most anything, however this time attempting to pack this season's moose home, I threw my back out. So my wife, being a voice of reason made me realize a winter in the bush with a wonky back would not be a good idea. So Whitney and I (at least for now, I'm always scratching an itch to move) are staying put in Dawson, and my plan is to paint for much of the winter.

 So while there will be no public show this year, my wonderful, kind and generous manager invites you to a private showing, (wine and cheese on hand, I may show up too) where you can view new and old works. Susan houses much of my inventory in what she calls the, 'Halin Vault'. You can relax by the fireplace and view to your heart's content, come alone or with friends. If you'd like a showing contact Susan Stanley at Susan@theartistproj.com and/or 867-336-4896, 867-668-2259.


                                          Rain in Pond (oil on canvas, 20x24")Rain in Pond, the rain's reflection shimmered as the sun came out and made nature's colours brighter


                          Yellow House North End Dawson (oil on canvas 20x24")
Yellow House North End Dawson, an gold rush home in the Klondike.





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