Thank-you for New Beginnings

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Just sent these three images to New York, for an online exhibit, the deadline's tomorrow, fingers crossed they're accepted. The images I'm sending are 'Purple Bull', at North End Gallery, in Whitehorse 'Storm Runners', and 'Diamond Pond'.

The exhibit is called, "New Beginnings". (

Although I've painted since10 years of age, and I'm now approaching 60, in many ways I'm starting over. My vision of where I wish to take my art and what I wish to accomplish is more clear, allowing me to paint with more clarity and purpose, my palette is brighter, my work becoming more original, and I feel myself moving to a higher and deeper plane, in terms of what I want my paintings to reveal. I want them to radiate their secrets, expose what truly is.

What's rewarding - you're noticing in ways that are new to me. I have much to be grateful for. Thank-you.

'Purple Bull', oil on canvas, (30" x 40")

'Storm Runners', oil on canvas 20"x 40"

'Diamond Pond', oil on canvas 20" x 24"


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