Better Late than Never

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Better Late than Never - I Hope! 

Yes. That's me making sure the paintings are hanging perfectly. Crooked paintings don't sell well. The opening night of my latest exhibition, "Repentithree" was more than I could have hoped for.

 It's the first time I showed along side my brother, Serge de Repentigny, like me he's self-taught, but unlike me his paintings have a mystical quality which give them an air of fantasy.

Below, 'Happy Time' oil on panel, "20 X 24" (sold)

Mystical paintings like my brother's often depict images of joy and fantasy, and although realistic have elements of fantasy and a dream like quality. The dream like quality is perhaps more realized in this painting by my brother.

'Forest Beauty' oil on panel 20" x 24"

Also joining my brother and me was my 14 year old daughter Rosa. She's a prodigious talent. I predict a big future ahead for her. Rosa's attention to detail is superb, so too is her sketching ability. 

Below: Dream Away, 15" x 11" Copic Sketch (sold)

I  wish I had written this blog earlier, the exhibition was in October, but like everything else, life has a way of getting in the way. However that said I'm making a  vow today to do more blogging, if you fail to see them, give me heck.

I'm excited for my daughter, brother and myself, October's show was another  indication that the "de Repentigny' name is becoming known for high quality, sought after artwork. 

Below are a few of my paintings from 'Repentithree'.

Flight, oil on canvas, 30"x40" (sold)

August Dempster oil on canvas, 30" x 40"

Yellow Butterfly, oil on canvas 20"x24" (sold)

I should be checking in before Christmas, but if life intervenes, wishing you the best of the season.





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  • Hello – Yes it’s the same Serge! Now a wonderful Montreal artist.

    Susan (Halin's manager) on

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