Halin Enjoying Bariloche Argentina

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Every year, when it becomes very dark in Dawson City, Yukon Halin heads to Bariloche, Argentina, a place where he can soak up the sunshine, speak a language he loves - Spanish, sip Malbec wine, paint, sketch and enjoy riding. This is the view from Halin's cabin. Pretty nice eh?

If Halin isn't painting in Bariloche, he's helping friends build homes and cabins, this is the cabin he built with a friend a few years ago. A place he calls home when in South America. 

This year Halin isn't painting in Bariloche, instead he's doing a lot of sketches which he'll bring back to Dawson and paint. These sketches all need names, any suggestions?

As his manager/agent I'm suggesting Halin paint flowers, probably because I love them so much and so enjoy creating a garden each year. I think he should start by painting Argentina's national flower the 'Ceibo' It's Latin name is,  Erythrina crista-galli . It's a flowering tree native to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. In English it is often known as the Cockspur Coral Tree.


Here's a fun video on Bariloche. It looks a lot like Yukon! 


 Talk to you soon!



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