A Big Thank-you and Indulging my Creativity

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Before I start this month's blog post I'd like to take a second and give a heartfelt thank-you, to 'you 'for your support during my November Sale. The sale was my first ever, and thanks to you it was a big success.
I have the best audience and I’m so grateful to have your love and patronage. I’m also incredibly fortunate to have my managers, Susan Stanley and Allan Nixon holding down the fort and making the logistics of a sale like this work. So a huge thank-you to them as well.

Now that we’re back to business, this month sees me at home in Argentina. It’s been a productive month, not so much with painting, but other little projects, such as building a brick archway, but as always though, it comes back to painting.

It’s been our time in Mexico, last winter that has turned out to be a big source of inspiration. The town we stayed in had an amazing Mummy Museum, and the cultural outlook on death stuck with me. There’s actually a lot about that time that stuck with me and I’m curious to see how it will feed the direction of my artistic growth. There are so many obvious reasons to fall in love with Mexico.

The light is a subject I am endlessly fascinated by and staying anywhere long enough to understand the light buys you enough time to get the real flavour of a place. Those are the parts I still think about, almost a year later. It’s also the part that I’m experimenting with now.



Fall time in the Yukon is so demanding with a short, but spectacular season. There’s no time for anything but painting. I need to quickly capture the Yukon's light before the darkness envelopes us. That being said, it’s still something that moves me. Like clockwork, the colours turn and I need to get outside and capture it. The works I produced this past fall I’ll be debuting at my solo show at Madrona Gallery in Victoria this spring. I’ll keep you posted on that and if you're around in May 2020, then come on by and see what I’ve been up to. Here's a sneak peek!


The fall colours of the Yukon fire me up, and I'm always happy to return home. Creature comforts aside, it’s the place where I’m best set up to create and produce. The annual migration south is a pretty great reset too. Buenos Aires is so different from the Yukon and the change in climate, culture, and light, help reset my creative instincts. 

When I'm in Buenos Aires, on my way to my beach hideaway I always stop by the Museo de Bella Artes and MALBA. It’s so incredible to be surrounded by so much achievement. Some of the artists on display really challenged cultural views and standard art “rules” and sometimes it’s hard to imagine how controversial these works were at the time. But art and culture have been feeding off each other since just about forever, and looking at the changing trends and techniques helps my own outlook. Looking at one evolution forces me to look or think about another, and ultimately this is what pushes me.




For now, though, I have nothing to do but follow where my inspiration leads. So on that note, I will leave you with the greetings of the season, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, and a festive non- denominational Seasons Greetings.

I hope 2019 leaves you with more highs than lows, and I wish you the happiest and most prosperous 2020!


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