Summer is almost over, now the Show begins.

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As I write this it's a rainy day here in Whitehorse, and the temperature is around 8 degrees. The leaves are turning and the grass is fading from lush green to yellow. But Halin has had a wonderful Summer. He had a solo show at the Ukama Gallery on Granville Island, in Vancouver. The reception was so much fun. So many new people to meet, and Halin spoke to everyone, describing style of painting.


I had to feel a little sorry for him though. He was wearing brand new shoes, especially delivered to the Gallery. Halin's girlfriend Whitney, thought they were a necessary accessory for a talented artist. And for sure they are!!  But Halin is not use to standing in new shoes. So by the end of the night he was standing and talking in his stocking feet. It was a great moment. I wish I had a picture. The only one I have is Halin putting on his spankin' brand new shoes. As you can see he's use to wearing sneakers. 

For a lot of the summer nude women have occupied Halin's time! And he's painted several Dawson women. He loves painting skin, especially its folds. Some of his nudes will be for sale at his upcoming show in October. It's from the 15-19th at the Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse  (more details in the next blog.)

A little more than a week ago Halin and his talented 12 year old daughter Rosa took part in the 15th annual Riverside Arts Festival in Dawson city. It was fun time for both and the first time they had painted together at the same event. According to Halin, his daughter sold a lot of paintings, so he of course is very proud and especially proud of her talent.

Below is Rosa preparing for the event. Stay tuned for more adventures with Halin and the his BIG ART SHOW in OCTOBER.

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