“Halin de Repentigny's experience living on the land and working as a trapper gives him a unique perspective on painting the Yukon. His commitment to painting on location brings an understanding of colour and light few others are able to achieve. de Repentigny is connected to his roots in Quebec, influenced by the looseness of Rene Richard's Laurentian landscapes, partnered with Charles Gagnon and Maurice Cullen’s handling of light. These influential predecessors help lay the foundation for de Repentigny’s own vision.”

Michael Warren


“As an avid art lover and collector, seldom do I come across artists that are able to capture the essence of their subject, a fleeting moment in time or an intrinsic feeling through a seemingly effortless series of only a few gestures. Halin de Repentigny’s artworks are a reflection of his ability to do just that. Not until you’ve seen the way the light hits a Yukon mountain peak at a particular time of day in late fall or early summer or you meet the likeness of one of his subjects with unique mannerisms and candor do you realize how tuned-in, he truly is, nor how much his paintings embody sights and feelings both beautiful and authentic. Halin is a true talent and I’m so grateful to be able to collect his renderings of moments captured and never forgotten.”

Suzy Sabla

“Halin’s art brings my walls to life. It gives them a story to tell. I love the movement in the pieces and the emotions they evoke. They remind me of places I have been and inspire dreams of places I have yet to visit. I am the very happy owner of 8 Halin paintings. I am not sure if that makes me a collector or just a very big fan!”

Allison Rippin 

“ I had the wonderful opportunity of watching the great master, Halin paint in person, and let me tell you, ‘he paints with pure passion, and his body just moves with the canvas like no other painter I’ve seen before.’ Watching Halin paint is like watching a master paint from the old days. The passion, the energy, the emotion flow through him, when Halin paints it’s a magical sight to witness.”

Walter Krancl

“ I love his impressionistic brush strokes and northern subjects.”

Carla Bendixen

“Excellent artista Excellent persona.Un gran Amigo …hugs.”

Piojitoo Maita