Finally the End of a Trying Year🎄. Hopefully on to a Brighter One 🥳.

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I hope your holiday season is going well, and you’re warm and
safe wherever you are.
We’re settled in at home in the Yukon this winter.
Obviously with the state of the world our usual migration to Argentina was out of the question, and so our days have settled into a relaxing and productive routine.
I still spend as much time outside as I can. Whether it’s shovelling snow or breaking trail, it’s just something I need. The bush is always my favourite place to be. It’s quiet, and the trees shelter you from the wind, and it’s hard to be cold when you’re moving so much. With cold snaps it’s sometimes not an option, but as much as possible, outside is where I like to be.

'North Klondike Dempster'  (part of my latest collection,'Metamorphosis',
The days inside are generally spent in my studio. Nothing interesting to report there. As far north as we are, we lose the yellow light from the sun for a little bit each winter so colours shift a bit with its return. Sometimes it’s not a huge deal, sometimes it ruins a painting. So I’m taking a seasonal break, but I’ve been making my frames and preparing the canvas. 
All set for when the sunlight returns.

In the meantime I’ve made a few sleighs. I have a great fondness for them, but really they’re just so much fun to make.

I really appreciate wood as a medium and steaming and bending wood has taught me so much, but no matter how good I get there will always be something to learn. Wood can be surprisingly humbling.
Other than that I spend a lot more time watching Netflix and eating ice cream.
I wish you a beautiful holiday season and a happy New Year!



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